Unlock the Future of Real Estate | ALPHAZIRKEL side event of MIPIM®


12. März 2024
"Impact House"
10 Avenue des Chênes
06600 Antibes, Frankreich
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March 12th

Visionary Vistas: Shaping the Future of Real Estate


As we wrap up an exciting first day at MIPIM®, we’re delighted to invite you to a series of engaging panel discussions that promise to illuminate the evolving landscape of the property industry. Join us for an evening where insight meets innovation, with a line-up of distinguished experts ready to share their knowledge and spark meaningful conversations.


5:30 p.m. | Panel 1: „Navigating the Changing Financial Landscape – Financing Real Estate: Overcoming Rising Costs and Shifting Expectations.“

This panel will highlight how industry leaders are addressing financial challenges in a changing market, from escalating construction costs to expected returns. Experts will discuss innovative financing strategies and adaptations to the new economic realities in the real estate sector.


6:00 p.m. | Panel 2: „Proptech – Evolution or Revolution?“

Explore whether PropTech is an evolution of the property industry or a revolutionary disruption. This panel will explore the latest technological innovations and their impact on the way we develop, manage and transact real estate.


6:30 p.m. | Panel 3: „ The future of real estate in Germany: Exploring Trends and Opportunities.“

A deep dive into the future of the German property market, highlighting current trends and emerging opportunities. Our experts will provide insights into market developments, regulatory changes and Germany’s role in the global real estate context.


7:00 p.m. | Panel 4: „ Adapt and thrive: Strategic Restructuring in Real Estate“

As the real estate sector faces a rising tide of developer insolvencies, adaptability and strategic foresight have never been more important. This panel will explore how the industry can navigate these turbulent times, discussing targeted investment strategies and restructuring approaches to not only weather the storm, but to emerge stronger and more resilient in a dynamic market landscape.


Networking and finger food:After the panels, we invite you to relax and network over wine and finger food. It’s the perfect setting to foster new relationships and continue the day’s discussions in a relaxed atmosphere. Don’t miss this opportunity for engaging discussions and valuable networking.



March 13th

PropTech Sparks: Pitches & Bites Night


As we continue to explore the forefront of property innovation at MIPIM®, we’re delighted to invite you to a special evening dedicated to the pioneers shaping the future of our industry.

Dive into the world of cutting-edge proptech startups as they present their groundbreaking ideas and solutions in quick-fire pitches. Moderated by Dr. Albert M. Geiger (CEO | ALPHAZIRKEL GmbH), this session promises to be a window into the future of real estate technology, showcasing innovations designed to optimize building portfolios, improve sustainability and revolutionize property management and development.


Featured startups include:

aedifion directly impacts the real estate industry by offering a cloud platform that optimizes building management, significantly reducing operating costs and carbon footprint, aligning with the sector’s push towards sustainability and operational efficiency.

DCGreen introduces innovative data center designs that blend high-speed connectivity with eco-friendly operations, setting a new standard for sustainable infrastructure development within the real estate domain.

Mottai leverages its expertise in sustainability and energy optimization to offer consultancy services that enable real estate entities to implement eco-conscious and cost-effective energy solutions.

ESG-Alliance plays a pivotal role in the real estate industry by providing a digital framework for the systematic implementation of sustainability measures, enhancing property value through strategic data use and sustainability practices.

PriceHubble revolutionizes real estate decision-making by employing AI and big data analytics, offering insights that improve investment strategies, customer engagement, and overall market understanding.

PROBIS addresses the financial aspect of real estate projects by offering a platform that integrates project financing and development management with AI support, optimizing financial performance and risk management.

syte aids the real estate sector by providing AI-driven, real-time data on property potentials, facilitating informed decision-making in development projects and property investments.

Termios contributes to the real estate industry’s sustainability goals by offering a smart thermostat solution that improves energy efficiency and the CO2 balance of buildings, showcasing the importance of tech-driven environmental solutions.

Tesofy supports the real estate industry with tailor-made IT solutions and holistic concepts, ranging from the development/construction phase to asset/portfolio management and exit, to optimize your real estate processes, increase efficiency and guide you safely into the new era of IT-supported processes.



Networking & Finger Food:

After the pitches, join us to network, exchange ideas and explore these exciting developments over delicious finger food and drinks. It’s the ideal setting to network with industry professionals, meet the minds behind these innovative startups and perhaps discover your next collaboration or investment opportunity.

This is a must-attend event for anyone interested in the intersection of technology and real estate. Whether you’re an investor, developer, broker or simply curious about the future of proptech, Fingerfood & Pitches is a unique opportunity to engage with the ideas and people driving change in our industry.

For any questions please contact us: events@alphazirkel.com


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