4. February 2021 @ 17:00 – 18:00

„High Impact Investing – doing good and showing responsibility – a dynamic market with good returns.”

Andreas E. Mach discussing with Bernd Wendeln on Impact Investing, Social Entrepreneurship and the most pressing social and ecological questions of our time.

In this context, Bernd Wendeln, as a social entrepreneur and pioneer of impact investing in Germany, receives the 2021 Impact Investing Award from ALPHAZIRKEL.

Bernd Jan Wendeln is one of the pioneers of impact investing in Germany. In 2003 he and his family and other co-investors launched the Bonventure Impact Fund, the first provider of social risk capital in German-speaking countries. Bonventure invests in companies that create added value with their work, and measures and quantifies the social impact of each supported company. After the sale of the family business “Großbäckerei Wendeln”, Bernd Wendeln organized the family office WEGA (for “Wendeln” from the hometown of the “Garrel” family in Lower Saxony) and convinced his family to invest considerable funds as an anchor investor in Bonventure. Bernd Wendeln is also active as an impact investor in Africa. He is invested in Village Power, a provider of solar systems for rural Africa and Awamo, a software provider for microfinance in Uganda, and Redavia in Ghana, a company for solar energy in agriculture. With his Venture Fund Wenvest, Bernd Wendeln invests in companies that are in a process of transformation due to the digitization and disruption of existing value chains or in high-impact business models that contribute to the environment or social challenges. The family office of the family is based on the ESG criteria, the Bonventure strategy on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

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