19. May 2020 @ 17:30 – 18:30 ONLINE

“Between Disaster and Normality.” A Glance at America

As a part of our online talks series “Mastering the crisis – entrepreneurs and experts discuss and give advice at ALPHAZIRKEL”, Alphazirkel Managing Partner Dr. Albert M. Geiger gives an insight and outlook on the current situation in the USA and discusses with:

  • Hady Farag (Partner & Associate Director Boston Consulting Group)
  • Dr. Torsten Hombeck (CFO at Akari Therapeutics, Plc.)
  • Mani Honigstein (Investor in Technologies and Start-up Founder in Silicon Valley)

The American Nobel Prize winner Joseph Stiglitz is warning of the massive economic consequences of the corona crisis for the global economy. The economist expects particularly severe consequences for the USA. After our discussions with German entrepreneurs in China and Sweden, we would now like to know how German decision-makers in the USA assess and experience the current situation.