4. November 2018 @ 8:00 – 8. November 2018 @ 20:00

ALPHAZIRKEL Delegation Trip to Boston

Smart Factory | Industry 4.0 – meet MIT, Harvard, Boston University, Startups and accelerators.

After our visit in Boston last week we finalized our program for our Delegation trip from Nov 4th until Nov 8th to Boston, Massachusetts – German Family Enterprises meet US Innovation Culture: Visit of Boston’s fast-paced technology hubs. The digital transformation – also referred to as the “Fourth Industrial Revolution” – is the greatest economic shift human civilization has ever known. No sector will be excluded from this enormous shift, especially not the manufacturing industry, a sector that accounts for 70 percent of global trade and is in particular deeply rooted in Germany and more specifically in the mostly family-owned German Mittelstand.

Boston is home to a thriving startup ecosystem. The intellectual power there is staggering, with Harvard, MIT, and dozens of other schools making this the academic capital of the world. For years, Boston has been at or near the top of the list in venture capital invested per capita in the US. Meanwhile, large groups of tech startups, once only found out on Route 128 during Web 1.0 days, are now launching in centralized areas like Kendall Square, Downtown Crossing, and Seaport, infusing the city with the highest level of entrepreneurial energy in recent memory. But Boston can feel like an insular town, and with something happening every day in the tech community, it’s only getting tougher to navigate the startup scene and therefore we are in contact with the local key individuals from well-known venture capital firms, startups and the academia in order to offer our delegation participants a unique program that will give a great overview of the outstanding innovation ecosystem.

Interested? Contact us: boston@alphazirkel.com