26. February 2019 @ 18:00 – 22:00Showroom Wiesner-Hager

ALPHAZIRKEL AUSTRIA: “Change or Die – The end of traditional enterprises by new forms of organization?”

A discussion moderated by Barbara Andersen and Barbara Kearney on new forms of organisations and the consequences for traditional family businesses, with our panel guests:

  • Dr. Birgit Feldhusen (Head of “Future Organizations” at the Donau-University Krems and founder of the Institut organizing future)
  • Markus Stelzmann (Executive Director at Tele Haase Steuergeräte Ges.m.b.H.)
  • Mag. Christian Vieira dos Santos (Executive Director at SYMBIOS GmbH)
  • Mag. Laura Wiesner (Export, Wiesner-Hager Möbel GmbH)