ALPHAZIRKEL organizes workshops in the form of inter-active round tables that centre around a selected case study and practical examples/ first hand experience. Participation is limited to a maximum of 25 people; this ensures in-depth coverage of all individual questions and discussion points raised by family entrepreneurs/ family offices.


Working Lunches

At ALPHAZIRKEL working lunches, 2-3 pre-invited speakers engage in lively discussions about current subjects with 20-25 guests. As Munich based “Käfer’s” restaurant is a regular – though not the only – location for these events, the format is also known as “Working Lunch @ Käfer’s”


Entrepreneur Evenings

The ALPHAZIRKEL Entrepreneur Evening

Entrepreneurs from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, South Tyrol, and Turkey participate in a moderated discussion covering a host of subjects, such as strategies, successes and failures, new trends, or the owners’ family history. Following the ca. 90 minutes long panel round, all guests are invited to comment and discuss, which leads over to an informal gathering with drinks and a flying buffet.

Since ALPHAZIRKEL’s early days, more than 10,000 family entrepreneurs have participated in the regular Entrepreneur Evenings in Munich’s “Palais Montgelas”, in the Historical Residence of H. E. the Ambassador of Germany in Istanbul, in Zurich’s “Zunfthaus zur Meisen”, in the “Sacher Hotel” in Salzburg, in Berlin and in South Tirol and many other locations.


On-site family company visits

In co-operation with different entrepreneurial families, ALPHAZIRKEL invites participants to on-site company visits in order to experience and discuss the enterprise, its owner families and the respective business model.

If you are interested in inviting ALPHAZIRKEL into your company, please contact Dr. Monika Ostler


Digitalisation, start ups & family enterprises

Industrialisation 4.0 – digitalisation and shared economy: What family entrepreneurs can learn from start-ups

ALPHAZIRKEL offers a number of formats to facilitate exchange between family enterprises and start-ups. With its format “Startup Day”, ALPHAZIRKEL offers an additional event series at characteristic locations and sites of the European start up and young entrepreneurial scene. In the founder stronghold of Berlin as well as in Munich, Vienna, and Zurich, family entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to engage in open dialogue and a vibrant exchange of opinions with representatives of the start-up scene. At the 4.0 ALPHAZIRKEL Entrepreneur Evenings, we hook on examples from different industries in order to discuss the opportunities and challenges of digitalisation


Digitalising revolutionizes the global economy all over again. It goes without saying that this fast-tracked, comprehensive transformation process – often labelled “The 4th Industrial Revolution” – does not stop at family-run businesses.

  • Modern information- and communications technologies intelligently interlink and thus re-invent traditional industrial production processes.
  • A digitalized world quickly reveals potential for savings and inefficient structures. New apps, shared economy and the world wide web dramatically modify today’s economy. Businesses and consumers, interacting in a gigantic network, endlessly analyze and optimize. All of this has a tremendous effect on us – “One cannot even begin to speculate on how quickly this change will become reality, even for those who ‘refuse to use’, thus believing that they can evade change”, says Jeremy Rifkin.
  • Consumer centricity – the ever growing influence of consumers driven by digitalisation – dramatically changes demand and expectations in products and companies.

The process of digitalisation and the extremely dynamic changes it brings do not only bear risks, but offer great opportunities. Those who set the course early and make themselves familiar with all the chances involved will win. By x-raying value chains and offering potential for savings, start-ups are drivers of innovation in many a traditional industry. This way, they develop new products that often come as results of considerable savings and increased efficiency. Start-ups can be great examples for traditional family businesses: They know how to adapt and to invent new products, sometimes even by cannibalizing the customary and time-honoured assortment of the company.

By looking at the examples of fast-tracked start ups we want to release thought provoking impulses: How can participants implement disruptive technologies and innovative developments into their own value chains? Co-operations between well established family enterprises and young start-up firms can be a great way to drive digitalization in the family firm and remain competitive in the long run.

Please contact if you have questions regarding start ups or suggestions for related events.


Delegation trips

In 2019 ALPHAZIRKEL and a delegation of German Family Entrepreneurs will travel to ISRAEL, SHENZHEN and HONGKONG!

For any information as to the organisation and program please contact Dr. Albert M. Geiger:



September 30th to October 3rd 2019: ALPHAZIRKEL delegation trip to ISRAEL

“All about Food” is the theme of our trip to Israel. We want to learn about AgriTech, Food Startups and Farming in Israel.



November 2nd to 7th 2019: ALPHAZIRKEL delegation trip to CHINA

We will travel to Shenzhen and Hongkong in order to discover the home of technology-Startups and the roots of enterprises such as Huawei, Tencent and DJI. Visiting Startups we want to learn about different approaches to innovation.


In 2012 ALPHAZIRKEL started offering family entrepreneurs the opportunity to discover new markets and to extend their personal network. On the occasion of ALPHAZIRKEL’s yearly Turkish-German Family Entrepreneur Summit, approximately 30 German language entrepreneurs participated in a delegation trip to Istanbul, including on-site visits of Turkish family businesses. Meanwhile we offer our guests the opportunity to enhance their knowledge and create or enlarge their network with Family Entrepreneurs around the world.



June 30th to July 3rd 2019: ALPHAZIRKEL delegation trip to LONDON

“Future London” was the title of our trip to Great Britain:

We established ALPHAZIRKEL London, visited Startups and mee accelerators. Furthermore we discussed about the future of German-British exchange.


Pitching Contest at Hambro Perks:


Visit at the London Stock Exchange:


November 2018: ALPHAZIRKEL delegation trip to BOSTON (learn more about at “Events”):



April 2018: ALPHAZIRKEL delegation trip to TUSKANY/Italy (learn more about at “Events”):

Theme of our trip to Italy was “ALPHAZIRKEL meets Italian Family Businesses”. We wanted to learn how regional Trade Marks managed to get known around the globe. So we were welcomed at the headquarters of: Prada, Salvatore Ferragamo SpA, Landi Accesories, ICL Firenze, Gianfranco Lotti, Fattoria La Vialla, Frescobaldi.


November 2017: ALPHAZIRKEL delegation trip to AUSTIN and CALIFORNIA:

We started a visit to the second most important technology university in the USA: Los Angeles (learn more about at “News”):



May 2017: ALPHAZIRKEL delegation trip to SWEDEN (learn more about at “Events”):

We went to Sweden to learn that Family Enterprises and Digitisation can match. We visited Stockholm, a city with of the most successful Tech-Start-up-Szenes worldwide. Our ALPHAZIRKEL delegation could learn about both Swedish and Entrepreneurial Culture. We visited successfully digitized Family Enterprsies and young Startups, incubators, accelerators and Venture Capitalists.


November 2016: ALPHAZIRKEL delegation trip to ISRAEL:

We travelled to Israel, visiting selected start-up companies there (in Tel Aviv, Carmel, Akko, and Jerusalem), discussing the 4th Industrial Revolution with family entrepreneurs.


March 2016: ALPHAZIRKEL delegation trip to Teheran (IRAN):

The “fact finding trip” offered participating entrepreneurs the unique opportunity to meet potential business partners and to develop a hunch for the Iranian partners and for future promising dealings with them. For participants, ALPHAZIRKEL arranged for “Matchmaking” opportunities by facilitating individual single appointments with the management of preferred local companies.