ALPHAZIRKEL offers online conversations since March 2020

Despite the ban on events due to the pandemic, Alphazirkel has been continuing its international and high level discussions via internet with experts and family entrepreneurs on how to cope with the consequences of the crisis.

Since March 17th 2020 we have offered 2-3 ONLINE talks a week informing family entrepreneurs about the situation in Germany and abroad. We talked to German restructuring experts, credit institutions and family business owners of different industries. We also talked to entrepreneurs and decision-makers in other countries e.g. in Sweden, China and the USA.

With our new “ALPHAZIRKEL conversation”-series launched in June 2020 we have been trying to offer „a look into the future” and to point out new paths and directions after the crisis.


“Cross-Atlantic Talk: New Trends in Industrial Automation in Boston.” MIT, Mass Robotics, Festo and Converge gave insights in a discussion with Dr. Albert Geiger on June 9th 2020:


“Sustainable Development Goals and Impact Investment.” Learnings from Israel – The Start-Up Nation. An interview of Andreas E. Mach and Dr. Albert Geiger with Cecile Blilious (Head of Impact & Sustainability at Pitango Venture Capital, Israel’s largest VC) on June 30th 2020:


„Impact of the Crisis on International Real Estate“. Dr. Albert M. Geiger discussed with Taurus Investment Holdings ( Peter A. Merrigan (CEO & Managing Partner | USA), Erik R. Rijnbout (President | USA), Ajay Prasad (Managing Director | India) and Dr. Nicolai C. Striewe (Director Investor Relations | Germany) on July 9th 2020:


“Lessons learnt from Stanford and Silicon Valley.” Dr. Albert Geiger discussed with Professor Sarah A. Soule (Stanford University), Professor Yossi Feinberg (Stanford University) and Mani Honigstein (Honeystone Ventures) on Sustainable Development Goals and Impact Investment, on September 15th 2020:



All of our ONLINE talks are available as Podcast: