In the new ALPHAZIRKEL book: The rise of BAUER COMPRESSORS

Die Bauer Group: In 1946, Munich was in ruins, but Hans Bauer saw the chance for a fresh start: he founded the company BAUER KOMPRESSOREN in the Wolfratshauser Strasse. The beginning was modest, the production included only single-stage compressors for spraying paint and tire pumps for agriculture.

But just two years later, the first major export order included 30 compressors – this was the beginning of the company’s rise. Today, BAUER COMP Holding GmbH is the parent company of the international BAUER GROUP and its subsidiaries. The group is represented internationally with 22 subsidiaries, more than 360 sales partners and 280 service points. It is a global player in the international high-pressure and screw compressor market, which is shown, for example, in it‘s global market share of approximately 70% in breathing air applications.

The history of BAUER COMP Holding is just one of 20 examples of successful family businesses that started small and are known around the world today – their stories are told by ALPHAZIRKEL founder Andreas E. Mach in his new book “The Power of the Family”, which will be published in 2020

Photo: Dr. Angela Merkel, Philipp Bayat und Shinzō Abe in February 2019 (Quelle: Bauer Group)

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