Impressions of our Trip to LA

Alphazirkel Delegation Trip to Austin and Los Angeles 4th to 11th November 2017 – little diary:

First part of the trip in cooperation with Taurus (

Arrival in Austin/Texas on Sunday 5th of November


The next day reception at the City Hall with Austin’s Mayor Steve Adler

IMG_2520 IMG_2519

Afterwards visit of Taurus Office in Whisper Valley with workshop and presentations by Garry Farmer on economic developments and Cooper Drenner on deal flows in Austin


including the visit of the world’s largest energy-efficient residential settlement (

IMG_2516 IMG_2518

In the evening Dinner at the Headliners Club


The next day visit at Mobility X

IMG_2498 IMG_2521

and KUKA in Austin with presentations on what will be possible in future

IMG_2499 IMG_2522

On 7th of November ALPHAZIRKEL arrival in Los Angeles:

On 8th November early visit at Two Bit Circus (

Brent Bushnell, CEO & Roustabout guides us through this next stage tech park project:

The Two Bit Circus team is a band of mad scientists, artists, inventors, storytellers, educators and performers. They build big games, tell stories with technology and make liberal use of lasers, fire and robots. They truly live at the intersection of technology and spectacle, engineering entertainment that is imaginative and interactive. We blur the line between physical and digital playgrounds to create a new world of social amusement.

IMG_2502 IMG_2523

The same day reception at the University Southern California (USC) – Stevens Tech Transformation Center (
Stevens Mission is to maximize the translation of USC research into products for public benefit through licenses, collaborations and the promotion of entrepreneurship and innovation. The USC Stevens Center for Innovation is a university-wide resource for USC innovators in the Office of the Provost. Designed to harness and advance the creative thinking and breakthrough research at USC for societal impact beyond traditional academic means, we focus on the licensing of technologies, expanding industry collaborations, and supporting start-ups. Here we get an overview of the current tech transfer projects of USC


In the afternoon visit at TiltShift (

Tiltshift says that it is the world’s first full-service immersive reality studio and consultancy. Virtual Reality Production (VR) & Virtual Product: At the heart of most VR experiences is highly-secured product data. The TiltShift team is composed of industry pioneers with decades of experience working with high-poly engineering data and manipulating modeling geometry, lighting, textures, and animations in 3D spaces. Immersive Storytelling: Today, we have few limits to the experiences we can create. Surreal experiences. Experiences that bring brands to life, experiences that are emotional and move consumers, experiences that generations before dreamed one day would be possible. Experiential Advertising: TiltShift is among the first to integrate virtual experiences with existing media properties: ad units, extending broadcast into VR, and integrations with retail,
gaming, web, mobile, and social properties.


Our first day is ending with a delicious dinner at Lunetta in Santa Monica (


IMG_2524 IMG_2525

9th of November is starting with a visit at MAKE in L.A. (
MAKE in L.A. is an early stage accelerator and fund building the epicenter of hardware entrepreneurship in Southern California.


Shaun Arora, the CEO of MAKE in LA is giving us a tour and is discussing with us on how Tech Transfer from their point of view works.

IMG_2528 IMG_2527

ABOUT MAKE in LA: Hardware is the future of tech innovation. We exist to foster 21st century hardware platforms, connecting entrepreneurs with the funds they need to change the world. Make in LA has rapid prototyping equipment. Make in LA provides teams with ample space and all the necessary tools to take prototype to market and scale business. Make in LA cultivates the relationship between expert mentors, entrepreneurs, and investors to accelerate hardware innovation. Their mentors include startup founders, engineers with deep technical skills, and hands on specialist well equipped to help out with all your business needs. MAKE in LA Intensive Program consists of a 4-month comprehensive concept-to-market program focuses on the entrepreneur, product, and business. They take elements down to their foundations and then build in scalability while removing costly distractions and mistakes. MAKE in LA prepares companies for success post-graduation through exit.

After Lunch at Skylight Gardens ( the delegation are given an overview on current tech transfer projects at the University of California in L.A. (UCLA) – UCLA Technology Development Group (
UCLA Tech Development Group sees itself as a Gateway to Innovation, Research and Entrepreneurship. UCLA inventions are commercialized by startups and established companies worldwide. Visit to search UCLA’s intellectual property portfolio for the latest in technology licensing opportunities.

In the afternoon guided tour at Rufus Labs ( by Gabe Grifoni, CEO and Founder of Rufus Labs.

2017-11-10-PHOTO-00000254 2017-11-10-PHOTO-00000255

2017-11-10-PHOTO-00000256 2017-11-10-PHOTO-00000259
About Rufus: Wearables, as a tech category, have become increasingly more noticed in the last two years, as some people have rushed to make tech-enabled bracelets, bands, and watches, while others embraced (or outright scowled at) Google Glass. The ultra-measured life – or “the quantified self” – has promised that wearable technology can measure movements, breaths, heartbeats, and productivity — thusly improving our health and lives, if we can take the immediate feedback.
As we pay attention to the ways that mobile technology has changed us – people checking their phones 150 times per day and some sleeping with their devices – there has been recognition that perhaps just holding a phone (now a device little used for its telephoning capabilities and more utilized for texting, games, social media interactions, banking, shopping, and searching) could go one step further – devices that are attached to us.

This perfect day deserves a perfect dinner at Gjelina Private Room (

2017-11-10-PHOTO-00000265 2017-11-10-PHOTO-00000266

On Friday, 10th of November early visit at Neural Analytics (
Leo Petrossian, Founder and CEO of Neural Analytics presents his company and has a discussion with us.

2017-11-10-PHOTO-00000278 2017-11-10-PHOTO-00000279
About Neural Analytics: Neural Analytics was founded in 2013 in order to create products and services to measure, diagnose and track brain health. They combine leading data science with cutting edge hardware to allow first responders and clinicians to accurately assess and monitor brain health issues. Their devices are designed to be portable, autonomous, reliable, and produce precise and objective physiological measurements for medical responder monitoring of neural disorders.

Next reception at Amplify and Greycroft ( &
with presentations of 6 B2B startups.

ABOUT Amplify: Amplify helps passionate technology entrepreneurs grow their startups into strong, scalable & successful companies. Their flexible structure is built around each founder — no mandatory schedule or recycled calendar of activities. They give entrepreneurs the freedom to continue doing what they do best, while Amplify takes care of the rest; they provide $100k-$250k in funding, access to high quality talent and additional capital from the right investors for the company, free workspace at their Venice campus and extensive hands-on mentorship. Amplify’s portfolio companies also benefit from a variety of free or highly discounted services including hosting, legal, banking and more. Amplify is very hands on.
About Greycroft: Greycroft is investing from two funds today: Greycroft IV, a $204 million venture fund, and Greycroft Growth II, a $365 million growth-stage fund. The venture fund invests between $100,000 and $5 million in a first check, and will invest up to $10 million over multiple rounds. The growth fund starts at $10 million and will invest up to $35 million in a company. These two funds enable us to support entrepreneurs at any stage.

The highlight of the day: Visit at SpaceX (
Reception by Jonathan Hofeller, VP Sales USA.


About SpaceX: SpaceX designs, manufactures and launches advanced rockets and spacecraft. The company was founded in 2002 to revolutionize space technology, with the ultimate goal of enabling people to live on other planets. SpaceX has gained worldwide attention for a series of historic milestones. It is the only private company ever to return a spacecraft from low-Earth orbit, which it first accomplished in December 2010. The company made history again in May 2012 when its Dragon spacecraft delivered cargo to and from the International Space Station — a challenging feat previously accomplished only by governments. Since then Dragon has delivered cargo to and from the space station multiple times, providing regular cargo resupply missions for NASA. In 2017, SpaceX successfully achieved the first re-flight of an orbital class rocket – a historic milestone on the road to full and rapid rocket reusability.



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