Delegation Trips

International Entrepreneurial Network

Our business delegation trips offer family entrepreneurs the opportunity to discover new markets and extend their personal network. On the occasion of ALPHAZIRKEL’s yearly Turkish-German Family Entrepreneur Summit, approximately 30 German language entrepreneurs participate in a delegation trip to Istanbul, including on-site visits of Turkish family businesses. We offer our guests the opportunity to enhance their knowledge and create or enlarge their network with Turkish entrepreneurs.

In March 2016, a 25 heads strong ALPHAZIRKEL delegation has traveled to Tehran/ Iran. Following agreement on the nuclear deal framework and the respective cutback on sanctions, European economies put great hopes in profitable trade with Iran. The “fact finding trip” offered participating entrepreneurs the unique opportunity to meet potential business partners and to develop a hunch for the Iranian partners and for future promising dealings with them. For participants, ALPHAZIRKEL arranged for “Matchmaking” opportunities by facilitating individual single appointments with the management of preferred local companies.

From November 13-16, 2016, we travelled to Israel, visiting selected start-up companies there (in Tel Aviv, Carmel, Akko, and Jerusalem), discussing the 4th Industrial Revolution with family entrepreneurs.

In Mai 2017 we went to Sweden to learn that Family Enterprises and Digitisation can match. We visited Stockholm, a city with of the most successful Tech-Start-up-Szenes worldwide. Our ALPHAZIRKEL delegation could learn about both Swedish and Entrepreneurial Culture. We visited successfully digitized Family Enterprsies and young Startups, Incubators, Acceleratorsen and Venture Capitalists.

On Nov 7th 2017 we started a visit to the second most important technology university in the USA: Los Angeles (learn more about at “News”)