The forum for family entrepreneurs

„We are here to stimulate the exchange of experiences among family entrepreneurs. We want to nurture ideas, profit from all the lessons learned – good or bad – when planning for succession within the company and securing its future, and we want to establish and expand contacts in our network of family businesses.”

This was Andreas E. Mach’s mission statement when he founded ALPHAZIRKEL in November 2005 as a platform for family enterprises and their owners. Since then, ALPHAZIRKEL has developed into the leading platform for family entrepreneurs in the German speaking countries – according to the motto “entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs”.

Within those years, ALPHAZIRKEL has established itself as a desirable and protected platform for family entrepreneurs to frankly exchange opinions and experiences. Within this framework, they discuss challenges and best practices from the daily business of their companies and families, and receive external input and advice. In this context, ALPHAZIRKEL members do not only cover topics such as governance and succession, but also the continuously evolving framework within which family enterprises work.

Headquartered in Munich, ALPHAZIRKEL reaches out into the world and establishes networks among international family businesses, enabling them to swap experiences across borders and cultural backgrounds.

Since ALPHAZIRKEL’s early days, more than 10,000 family entrepreneurs have participated in the regular Entrepreneur Evenings in Munich’s “Palais Montgelas”, in the Historical Residence of H. E. the Ambassador of Germany in Istanbul, in Zurich’s “Zunfthaus zur Meisen”, in the “Sacher Hotel” in Salzburg, in Berlin and in South Tirol and many other locations.

The ALPHAZIRKEL programme is funded by generous sponsors and supporters: family entrepreneurs, private banks and corporate consultancy firms.

Dr. Albert M. Geiger and Andreas E. Mach are the Managing Partners of ALPHAZIRKEL. The circle of partners is completed by Philipp Haindl and Beatrice Rodenstock.





Andreas E. Mach
Founder and Executive Board Spokesman of ALPHAZIRKEL

eMail:  Andreas E. Mach
Tel.:     +49.89.242310-30


Dr. Albert M. Geiger
Managing Partner ALPHAZIRKEL GmbH

eMail:  Dr. Albert M. Geiger
Tel.:     +49.89.242310-30


Dr. Monika Ostler
ALPHAZIRKEL coordinator

eMail:  Dr. Monika Ostler
Tel.:     +


Margot Blamberger
Management ALPHAZIRKEL Office

eMail:  Margot Blamberger
Tel.:     +49.89.242310-30



ALPHAZIRKEL International

A Global Network

ALPHAZIRKEL hosts its own events in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, South Tyrol (Italy), and Turkey. In addition, we organize information trips for business delegations to different international destinations.

These are the contact persons in the different countries:

ALPHAZIRKEL Germany/Alto Adige (Italy):
Dr. Monika Ostler
Tel.: +49.171.263 8120
eMail: Dr. Monika Ostler


ALPHAZIRKEL Switzerland:
Hans C. Bodmer
Tel.: +41 44 205 84 50
eMail: Hans C. Bodmer


Barbara Andersen
Tel.: +43.664.2000949
eMail: Barbara Andersen


Ayşe Slevogt
Tel.: +90.533.3266495
eMail: Ayşe Slevogt



Our Associates

Serafin Group

Responsibility derived from tradition

Serafin is a Munich-based diversified group of companies, whose philosophy derives from more than 150 years of entrepreneurial tradition of the Haindl family. As early as 1849, the foundations were laid for an economic success story, preserving values and responsibility throughout generations.

Following the principle “Responsibility derived from tradition”, Serafin builds on a long-term partnership between customers, employees and shareholders. Serafin offers its group companies operational and strategic advice to support their future development.

With more than 2,900 employees and group companies located in Germany, Switzerland and the United Kingdom, Serafin currently generates an annual turnover of approx. €500 million.


It is our long-term objective to build up an industrial group with an annual turnover of one billion euros, generating sustainable earnings. We focus on medium-sized companies in succession situations and corporate spin-offs in need for entrepreneurial action (optimization/restructuring).

We will expand the Serafin Group within the existing business divisions plastics and consumer goods. At the same time, we intend to establish additional business divisions such as automotive and mechanical engineering.

We exclusively invest capital from our shareholders. Short decision-making processes and independence from external financing guarantee fast and discreet majority stake acquisitions.

Individual group companies maintain their original identity while Serafin is supporting them in strategic and financial matters as well as in the implementation of operational improvement measures.

The founder

Philipp Haindl completed his studies at a leading British university in London with a Master of Economic History. He started his career in asset management and audit, serving several mid-sized companies.

Before founding Serafin Mr. Haindl was active in business analysis and acquisitions for five years and was involved in numerous M&A transactions. Mr. Haindl is responsible for strategy and finance within the Serafin Group.

Serafin Unternehmensgruppe GmbH
Löwengrube 18
80333 München
Tel.: +49 (0) 89 – 30 90 66 9 0
Fax.: +49 (0) 89 – 30 90 66 9 11



Rodenstock GFU

Rodenstock Gesellschaft für Familienunternehmen mbH

Without doubt, family entreprises are the backbone of our economy. Their long-term thinking, planning and operating as well as their adherence to strong values are considered great advantages. But the strengths of this specific form of enterprise can turn quickly into weaknesses, which in turn threaten the overall success of the business.

More often than not, family companies lack clear decision making structures and transparent processes – for example when planning for succession. Conflicts between the generations, a lack of communication and transparency, or a preference for certain family members to the disadvantage of others occur regularly.

In order to best use their strengths in a global competitive economy, family enterprises have to continue on their way to professionalisation. Rodenstock – Gesellschaft für Familienunternehmen (GFU) supports in reaching this objective.

Each family enterprise has its own unique history. We embrace this and consult according to the specific situation. This means that we take the time to understand the challenges of your individual position. In consequence, we do not offer pre-fabricated or generic solutions to the issues.

There are, however, certain approaches that have proven their worth. Rodenstock GFU consultants are used to many situations of pending decisions and conflicts that regularly occur in family companies. We have developed and designed methods and processes in order to best cope with those challenges.

While never losing sight of the company’s objectives, we make sure to always keep in mind the different interests of individual family members. We focus on solutions that find the perfect balance between emotional and economic considerations.

The founder:

Beatrice Rodenstock

Managing partner of Rodenstock – Gesellschaft für Familienunternehmen mbH, Munich. Beatrice Rodenstock, who also holds a Master of Sociology, acquired her MBA at St Gallen University (Switzerland). She started her career as a management consultant at DaimlerChrysler’s in house consultancy, then moved on to co-found an internet start-up. In 2003, Beatrice Rodenstock founded NaviGet GmbH together with two partners and supported change processes in family-run businesses.

Out of this segment she founded her own company, Rodenstock – Gesellschaft für Familienunternehmen mbH, in 2011. Here she continues to advise family enterprises in the areas of succession planning and the development of family, business and family office strategies with the explicit objective to reconcile both the family’s and business interests.

As an entrepreneur, a member of the advisory boards of several family businesses, and a fifth generation member of a family enterprise herself, Beatrice Rodenstock knows exactly which challenges family businesses need to master. She shares this expertise both as a consultant and in her teaching tenures at Aalen College and the Chamber of Industry and Commerce. She is also a shareholder of the family holding, Optische Werke G. Rodenstock GmbH & Co. KG.

Your contact:

Beatrice Rodenstock
Managing Partner

Tel.: +49.89-28673-108
Fax: +49.89-28673-016
eMail: info(at)



Geiger & Mach

Geiger & Mach Group GmbH – Partners for Family Enterprises and Family Offices

Services for mid-tier and family owned companies as well as investors: 50 years of experience in consulting and leading family owned companies in strategic financing – M&A, acquisition and sale of companies and shares – financing of solutions for the succession and the financial arbitration of conflicts among the partners – strategic growth and restructuring issues – IPO as well as the management of equity and debt financing.

Shares/ participations and Investments: The founders are family entrepreneurs, coming originally from logistics and automotive industries. Together with investors, family offices, and personally known business contacts, their activities focus on shares/ participations and investments in projects and companies as well as club deals. This includes the development of their own and third party real estate properties.

The partners:

Dr. Albert M. Geiger

  • 20 years of experience in the areas of capital market, marketing, merger & acquisitions, restructuring, location shifting, process optimization, corporate succession, corporate management
  • CEO in his family’s company
  • Focus expertise: Initiation of online trading platforms, automotive, engineering, change managment
  • Focus industries. Automotive, mechanical engineering, finance industry, consumer goods, fashion, industry 4.0
  • Advisor and member of supervisory boards of family enterprises, former member of the regional advisory board (region east) of Commerzbank AG

Andreas E. Mach

  • 30 years of experience in the areas of corporate financing, private equity, merger & acquisitions, strategic management advisory, management coaching
  • Operative management experience in the finance industry as well as mid-tier corporations, e. g. in the USA, Eastern Europe, and Middle East
  • Focus expertise: Market and brand development, marketing, sales
  • Focus industries: Trade, media, automotive, luxury goods, food, fashion
  • Founder and spokesperson of ALPHAZIRKEL International, platform for family entrepreneurs
  • Commercial Judge at the Munich District Court
  • Both Chairman and member of several advisory boards of family enterprises (e. g. Wöhrl AG, AVAG AG, Lebanese Germany University)

Tel.: +49.89.242310-30