9. Juni 2020 um 17:00 – 18:00 ONLINE

Cross-Atlantic Talk: New Trends in Industrial Automation in Boston. MIT, Mass Robotics, Festo and Converge give insights.

Dr. Albert M. Geiger discussed with:


Lessons Learnt:

  • Things are slowly getting back to (a new) normal in Massachusetts → People are going back to work, students back to University with regulations.
  • The new normal will bring a lot of innovation (especially in the digital world) and people will (have to) adapt to the new circumstances.
  • Investments will continue through down times as well. The way how investments are made and what is invested in, may however be different and has to factor in the crisis and its impacts.
  • The biotech industry has been experiencing new energy and efforts during the crisis. It is likely that new players will emerge.
  • The crisis has created a need for new innovative ideas in Europe which is higher than ever before → This could lead to an increased cooperation and collaboration between Boston and Europe.
  • All over the world companies are facing the same difficulties (shortage of supplies, hygienical precautions etc.) → However different countries have different competencies to overcome the challenges → cooperation is needed and asked to solve problems together.
  • China will be the largest market for robotics in the future.
  • The collaboration between companies in Boston and Europe works so well because they share a similar mindset and vision.



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