24. Februar 2021 um 17:00 – 18:00 ONLINE

„A Shared Passion for Collaboration, Openness and Innovation – Family Entrepreneurs in the UK and DACH responding to change“

A discussion moderated by Elizabeth Bagger (Director General IFB UK) and Dr. Albert M. Geiger (Managing Partner ALPHAZIRKEL Germany), with our Family Entrepreneur guests:


Lessons Learnt:

  • Diversification of the portfolio and global diversification have helped to push through the crisis so far. (Jan Hendrik Goldbeck)
  • Uncertainty due to Brexit has affected many projects greatly by postponements and longer decision-making periods. (Dr. Maurizio Bragagni)
  • Switzerland has a different bargaining power than the UK; nevertheless, Switzerland can be a role model for the UK. (Dr. Hans Peter Mangold)
  • Patience, stubbornness, an environment with many role models and examples and the alignment of interests makes the German Mittelstand with its family businesses unique and successful. (Jan Hendrik Goldbeck)
  • German Mittelstand is an attitude and a cultural part of doing business; it is shaped by networking – doing business within a network of other businesses which creates a critical mass of power. (Karl Mayer-Rieckh)
  • The era of “green capitalism” brings a number of opportunities but also bares risks for existing structures; flexibility and adaption are needed. (Dr. Hans Peter Mangold)
  • The European bureaucracy pose a big challenge to businesses in the context of sustainable developments. (Jan Hendrik Goldbeck)


What the disussion is about:

With a global health crisis and Brexit adjustments underway, family businesses are facing the highest levels of uncertainty since World War II. These two ongoing issues are having an impact on the planning of international operating family entrepreneurs. Business leaders are faced with regulatory changes, supply chain uncertainty, the prospect of an economic recession, and constant changes that impact on business operations.

How can family entrepreneurs position their businesses to respond to these enormous challenges?

The Institute for Family Business (IFB) in collaboration with ALPHAZIRKEL International Munich will host an online panel discussion with family entrepreneurs from the UK, Germany, Austria and Switzerland to explore the scope and impact of the common challenges lying ahead, as well as insights on innovative solutions.

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